The Mighty Diamonds, Tonight at The End



If you're gonna pick a show for a day, you might as well pick the one featuring a performance from a legendary group of dudes who helped define an entire genre. You might recall that The Diamonds' show back in January was canceled due to some "problems with Homeland Security in Jamaica." Forget about all that. It's on now. Sean L. Maloney — the "L" stands for "Let's roast a bone and listen to some reggae" — has a Critic's Pick for you:

Nothing this year has harshed our collective mellow quite as much as finding out that Babylon, er, Homeland Security, was putting the kibosh on the Mighty Diamonds show back in January — because we all know that the No. 1 threat to American security is retirement-age reggae-harmony groups. Grrr, grumble, grumble, stupid bureaucrats, grumble, grumble … But hey, we're over it now! The Mighty Diamonds, by far one of our favorite groups from our favorite era in reggae music, have been responsible for some of the genre's greatest songs — “Woman Is Like a Shadow,” “Country Living,” a killer cover of “Sneaking Sally Through the Alley” — for almost 40 years, and we're more than a little stoked to catch them on Cinco de Mayo, one of the drinkingest days of the year. Plus it's at The End, so you know it's a gonna be a real punky reggae party.

Cover is $20, and Pale Rider and DJ Chubsta open.

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