Uncle Skeleton's Hat Model, JEFF Does Russia With Love, Spinner Loves Keegan, CMJ Talks WRVU & Madi Talks to AS [Newsy Bits]



Ross Wariners handsome boy modeling school.
* The brains behind Uncle Skeleton — winner of this year's Road to Bonnaroo Round Three — belong to a young man named Ross Wariner. Thanks to local fashion blog Under the Guise, Wariner now has a fancy hat to further protect those brains. Just so you know, the Under the Guise peeps stay up on the local musics.

* Local fraternal punk-rock champions JEFF the Brotherhood are currently en route to Moscow to play the launch party for Vice Russia. Don't forget: Their record, We Are the Champions, will be out June 21. I'm hoping — given the whole Moscow thing — there will be a cover of this song on the record.

* Just yesterday, local popster Keegan DeWitt debuted his tune "Thunder Clatter" via Spinner, and Spinner digs it. DeWitt's currently playing Daytrotter's Barnstormer Tour — which is actually taking place in barns — and giving the tune away as a free download.

* CMJ has a feature on the potential sale of WRVU's broadcast license. They mostly cover ground we've been over with you guys before: the announcement, Chuck D being awesome, Facebook's Jeff Rothschild throwing in his two cents and more. One thing I gathered from the piece that I didn't already know, however: 10,000 Maniacs are "standing in support of WRVU."

* Madi Diaz sat down with American Songwriter and talked about all sorts of things. One such thing was her upcoming record, Plastic Moon. By the way, Madi Diaz was in a restaurant when I spilled a glass of ice water all over my crotch this one time, and she was, like, the only person who didn't laugh at me. That's how I'm remembering it, anyway.

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