Square People's 'Unfettered' Promo & Max and the Wild Things Do BalconyTV [Vids-y Bits]



* Above is a promo for Square People's "Unfettered." Square People is the project of one Mr. Christopher Murray — whose Hepatitties we discussed a while back — and his 22-song collection, Cosmic Sans Vol. 2, can currently be purchased on cassette tape for a mere seven bones via recent upstarts Cicada Shell Tapes. You can also stream samples of Square People tunes at Cicada — I recommend it for fans of Dan Deacon, BMSR, Boards of Canada, early Of Montreal and, you know, other acts that mainly feature one or two people who like keyboards and making intricate sounds in the privacy of their bedrooms. Says Murray, "Basically it's me wearing different jackets and drinking very expensive bourbon and pretending to play saxophone in front of, like, foreign-language TV advertisements?"

* Your boy Crow is back with another installment of BalconyTV Nashville. This one features a performance from locals Max and the Wild Things. It's a tune called "Left Behind" (available on iTunes), and I recommend it for fans of 'grassy leanings, train beats and balconies. Say Max & Co., "We just wrapped up tracking album two at Welcome to 1979. Debuting a couple of the songs [tonight] at Mercy Lounge."

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