Road to Bonnaroo Round 3, Tonight at Mercy Lounge



Last time we have to post this damn image for a while.
  • Last time we have to post this damn image for a while.
We're in the homestretch. Tonight is the final installment in Mercy Lounge's Road to Bonnaroo 2011 series, and the competition is looking pretty stacked — anyone's game, it seems. Your former editor of music and current editor of culture, Steve Haruch, shed some light in this week's dead-tree edish. Have a peek:

On an occasion or 20, the Scene has been accused of harboring some sort of “bias” toward certain local bands, or against certain other local bands. But playing favorites (which we would never do) won’t be an easy game Monday night, as we try to decide which act to throw our support behind for a trip to play Bonnaroo. Will it be Action!, Cherub, The Clutters, Kingston Springs, PUJOL, Sarah Silva, Tallest Trees or Uncle Skeleton? It’s hard to even narrow it down to a couple early favorites, since two of these bands landed in the Top 10 in the Scene’s 2010 album poll, one was our officially sponsored band at South by Southwest, and one is putting the finishing touches on one of our most anticipated new releases of this year. Of course, a lineup this stacked is a good problem to have — at least until it’s time to fill out that ballot.

Spoiler alert: We are in fact biased. (We prefer to cover bands who make music that we like.) No dearth of Cream-approved tunes tonight, however. Free as always, doors at 9 p.m. More details at Mercy Lounge's site.

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