Grimey's Makes Rolling Stone's Top Record Stores in America (of Course)



Magic Kids performing at Grimeys
All of us already know that Grimey's is one of the best record stores in the country, hands down, bar none, but it's never not nice to see national media outlets recognize that fact. Rolling Stone's timely — as in, just in time for those Record Store Day festivities tomorrow — "Best Record Stores in the USA" slideshow feature does just that, naming Nashville's new and preloved music emporium among the best, in a list that includes legends like Amoeba and Dusty Groove, and fellow Tennessee shops Goner and Shangri-La.

The RS writer doesn't seem to know Metallica's Live at Grimey's was actually recorded in true Metallikatz fashion in The Basement — but you can hardly blame them for that, since the band did go and call the record Live at Grimey's, and all. And really, The Basement is, for all intents and purposes, an extension of the shop. In any case, it's nice to see Grimey's getting the Rolling Stone love — they call it "a true audiophile's paradise," and I'm certainly not going to argue with that.

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