JEFF the Brotherhood Set Official We Are the Champions Release Date, Land Gig in Moscow, Are Loved by Their Dad [Brotherly Bits]



June 21!!!
  • June 21!!!

From The Department of World Domination: Mark your calendars, Nashville, as fraternal faves of the local D.I.Y. scene, JEFF the Brotherhood, have finally set an official release date for their long-awaited We Are the Champions LP, which is slated to drop on Infinity Cat — with distro via The Alternative Distribution Alliance — June 21. Keep an eye out. And check out a sample track below.

JEFF the Brotherhood - "Shredder" [MP3]

While we at the Scene have always been big champions of the J-Bros, Vice magazine is giving us a run for our money by sending the band to … wait for it … Russia. JTB will play the periodical’s launch party for their Slavic satellite rag, Vice Russia, April 29 at Moscow’s Solyanka Club. Thinking of making the trek? Then click over to the show’s Facebook event page to RSVP. While I’m not entirely certain as to how the championship Orralls are readying themselves for their mission to Moscow, I imagine that, at this very moment, they’re up to something like this:

Additionally, this month’s edition of Vice includes a feature titled "Punk Patriarch," which tells the story of Robert (The Fatherhood) Ellis Orrall’s unyielding, nurturing, longtime support of sons Jake and Jamin’s D.I.Y. endeavors. Read the online version here. The photos are precious and priceless (see below).

Heavy Days
  • Courtest of Robert Ellis Orrall, as seen in Vice magazine.
  • Castle Storm?

JEFF the Brotherhood play Saturday night at The End with Hunx and His Punx (of San Francisco), Shannon and the Clams (also of San Francisco) and local labelmates Heavy Cream. By the way, I really like Shannon and the Clams. As in, enough to post a video. Check it out:

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