Quiet Entertainer Sounds off About How to Land Local Coverage



Local DJ and general entertainer Quiet Entertainer was recently mentioned by our own Lance Conzett in a Critic's Pick for last week's Almost Too Good to Be True at The 5 Spot. Over at his site, QE penned a post about how to land coverage in local rags like ours. A snippet:

Do you hate the media and the press? Do you think that they are purposefully ignoring you and all others with talent? Do you think the entire world is against you and your music? This is your first obstacle; maybe your biggest. I’ve never worked at one of these publications, but I did write for my high school newspaper back in the day. Let me break down how I think it works. These magazines have to write about interesting topics and bands, so that people in their target audience will pick it up and see all of the very cool ads that businesses have paid to place on each page. So the magazines actually NEED fresh interesting content. It’s in everyone’s best interest for them to keep up with what’s going on. ... I imagine it’s mostly people who pay their rent every month based on how well they can make the weekly publication interesting enough to pick up so that businesses will have their ads seen every single week.

QE is generally on point with this one. Worth perusing.

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