Night of the Living Cover Bands: A Benefit for TNTRC Feat. The Protomen & More, Tonight at The 5 Spot



What does Nashville know? Nashville knows benefits, Nashville knows rock (says I!), and Nashville knows how to form cover bands. Tonight at The 5 Spot, there's going to be a whole lot of all of the above, thanks in part to The Protomen, Hanzelle, A Secret Policeman's Ball and the Tennessee Teens Rock 'n' Roll Camp. From my Pick:

By now, you guys all know about the Tennessee Teens Rock ’n’ Roll Camp, yes? If not, you probably should. Deemed Best New Music Camp for Kids by Steve Haruch in our 2010 “Best of Nashville” issue, the TNTRC is a non-profit that teaches kids ages 10-17 the power of rock via workshops in recording, songwriting, screenprinting and more. To boot, the latest benefit on behalf of the camp also harnesses that whole cover-band thing Nashville has really been owning as of late. Tonight at The 5 Spot, you can see epic video-game rockers and Middle Tennessee’s most beloved nerd superstars, The Protomen, take on tunes by Queen, not to mention an Outkast tribute from Hanzelle, Hall & Oates tunes from A Secret Policeman’s Ball, and Blondie covers from a TNTRC volunteer all-star band — and believe me when I say that the camp sports some bona fide, heavy-hitting rock ’n’ rollers among their volunteer set.

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