Godspeed You! Black Emperor at Cannery on Archive.org



If you didn't have the forethought to buy tickets four months in advance, chances are pretty good that you missed Godspeed You! Black Emperor's triumphant return to Music City last week. Lucky for you (and for those of us already nostalgic for a week ago), some dude with an 8-year-old MP3 player and a microphone bootlegged that sucker and uploaded it to Archive.org.

Sit in awe of the opening 20 minute drone that made everybody around you wonder if the show was starting! Relive the moment when some idiot's alarm went off during a lull in one of their songs! Enjoy all of the stuff you missed when you realized you were way too sick to stand around for two hours listening to the assaulting sounds of anarchist Canadians and took off! That last one probably only applies to me. Here's a pro-tip: If you have a cold, droney instrumental rock turned up to 11 isn't a good cure. Who'd have thunk it?

More archival goodness after the jump.

For long stretches of time, I tend to forget that Archive.org's live music database exists. Mostly because it's full of Umphrey's McGee sets and bro-hams waxing poetic about Grateful Dead spin-off groups (made evident by the fact that last week's most downloaded shows were all Furthur sets. Boring!).

Once you get past the Disco Biscuits-ness of it all, though, there's actually some pretty rad stuff in the Nashville section: My Morning Jacket at Municipal Auditorium, Superdrag at the Ryman, Justin Townes Earle at Mercy Lounge, Ween at City Hall, Andrew Bird at Mercy. There's even some local stuff in there, if you're willing to accept Corleone as a local and not just a decaying poster on the side of a telephone pole in Hillsboro Village.

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