PUJOL on Daytrotter, Civil Wars Cover Smashing Pumpkins, Sportag on Kitsune [Version-y Bits]



  • Illustration: Johnnie Cluney
* PUJOL on Daytrotter, y'all. Some words to that effect from Mr. Moeller: "Pujol is the explosion of a wealth of talent that cannot be taught or faked. It is fierce - with smoldering guitar playing, an uncompromising backbeat and an energy that we think must be what it feels like to ride a bull and win, to not need the clowns to stop the horned beast from goring you to death." Yow! Check out versions of some of your faves, including "Black Rabbit" and Too Safe," right now. [Daytrotter]

* The Civil Wars covered Smashing Pumpkins' "Disarm," and made it all kinds of Civil Wars-y, if you know what I mean. If you don't know what I mean, go check it out at over at Magnet, where Ryan Burleson pits it against the original as part of their "Take Cover" series. [Magnet]

* Jensen Sportag have gone and remixed Polarsets' "Sunshine Eyes" for the Kitsuné label, and you know what, it sounds groovy as all get-out, in a warpy, drippy kind of way. [Soundcloud]

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