Rap Week Continues: Desire & The Ville Posse, Blow Pop Crew



Woohoo, it's Friday! I survived St. Patrick's Day, didn't get a hangover, and the only puke I had to clean up was conveniently all in one sock! (Thanks, cat!) That said, the weather is beautiful and I have no intention of hanging out in front of ye ole 'puter for much longer, so here's some hot slabs of cool wax all digitized and video-ized and posted on the YouTubes for your consumption. This time it's even more classic rap from Nashville — and by "classic" we mean oooooold skool, pre-CD Nashville hip-hop. Did you you even know there was such a thing? I've heard rumors and had some cats tell me that these things existed, but this is the first time I've really stumbled across them. I'd like to say that these records are rare, but I have the feeling that there's a few hundred copies sittin' in boxes in somebody's mother's basement — I guess that just means they're hard to find.

Anyway, Desire & the Ville Posse looks like a relic from the days before New Life Records was basically a depository for cheap porn, "water pipes" and cigarette-stained wood paneling. Anybody know if New Life "Produck"-tions ever did anything else? Google is turning up nothing, but these tracks are really good in that "people rapped funny in the olden days" way and it would be kind of a shame if Nashville's gestational hip-hop era was only memorialized by a couple of poorly tagged YouTube videos. I suppose I could go to the store and ask the people there, but I don't really need any bukkake-midget-gang-bang Blu-Rays.

Blow Pop Crew, on the other hand, I've heard of. Basically if you talk to anyone with deep roots in the Nashville rap community they're probably gonna go on and on about how great the BPC were and with good reason — these records are dope! Again, there isn't much info out there about them, so if you've got the 411, holler at me in the comments.

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