Happy Thin Lizzy Day!



Irish eyes are snarling! Admittedly, I tend to embody the worst elements of my ethnicity's less vaunted characteristics, even on non-ethnicity-specific holidays, but I woke up in an extra foul mood today. Fortunately, my next door neighbor was committed earlier this week, so I can rock out as loud as I want, as early as I want — it's the luck o' the Irish! Well, actually I listen to loud music at all hours of the morning anyway (which may or may not have contributed to my neighbor's declining mental health), but now I don't feel as guilty, which is great because lapsed-Catholic guilt has a pretty overbearing grip on my life as it is. A momentary respite is more than welcome. Also, there are few things that make me happier than Thin Lizzy, especially played at ear-splitting volumes.

That said, let us revel in the greatest contribution to world culture the Emerald Isle has ever given us — well, besides Peter O'Toole and that whole "keeping the written word alive during the Dark Ages" thing. Yep, that's right folks, the proverbial boys are back in the proverbial town, and it's high time for some serious guitarmonies — it's time for some Thin motherfuckin' Lizzy!!! Also, probably time for a breakfast beer or three. I'm also thinking about eating an entire stick of Irish butter, cuz I'm crazy like that. The cabbage is boiling and it's time to get rowdy!

Intense awesomeness after the jump, but if that's not enough Lizzy for one day (it shouldn't be), you can catch "Live and Dangerous: A Tribute to Thin Lizzy" over at the Mercy tonight. Tickets are $5 and it starts at 9 p.m.

Super-Duper Ultra Awesome Mind Exploding Bonus Vid: Phil Lynott AND Motorhead!!!

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