Coldcock Record Release Show Tonight at The 5 Spot


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I'm not going to lie: The first time I saw Coldcock, I was like, "Whoa." Remember when they had shows on the back patio of the Alleycat? Remember when there was an Alleycat? Yeah. Coldcock became one of my favorite local bands that night. And wouldn't you know it, six years later their album is finally out, they finally have a damn record release show, and they schedule it while I'm out of town. Oh well, Nashville, my loss is, well, not your loss. Here's Sean "L." Maloney's Pick:

What better way to spend St. Patrick’s Day than with a nice cold cock. Er, wait … our Critic’s Pick for the necrophilia convention is next week. What we meant to say was that there’s really no better way to celebrate The Irish New Year than with a nice cold beer and local noise-poppin’ prog-punk outfit Coldcock. (Please excuse our Freudian slip — obviously our minds are on other, less savory things.) Anyhoo, Coldcock — a trio featuring Dave Dawson, Dean Bratcher and Josh Lagersen — have been rocking around town for ages, but are just now getting around to putting out their self-titled album. And that’s cool by us, because if there’s anything 2011 needs, it’s a friendly reminder that indie rock used to sound more like Slint than The Shins, and more like The Jesus Lizard than Jenny Lewis.

And look, here's a song for you to listen to:

Admit it, that song rules. Go see this band tonight at The 5 Spot. Do it!


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