Golden Nugget: Boogie, "Shocked"



It's Rap Week on the Cream! Why? Because I'm the only one that's not in Texas. And while I'm tempted to rant, rave and curse my father-in-law/the IRS/a certain telephone pole in Belle Meade for the fact that I'm sober, alone and watching YouTube videos while everybody else is half-drunk in Texas, I won't. Just know that there is lingering resentment behind every word I type.

Also, I'm a little bummed out that Nate Dogg died — I'm a thirtysomething stoner, and that dude looms large in my "everyday" habits (ahem). So yeah, you can expect little to no coverage of indie rock from me this week. The upside to the lonely, grieving morning I've had is that I found the video for "Shocked," by mid-'90s Nashville rapper Boogie. It's a tight li'l slice of g-funk, heavily indebted to the West Coast sound of the day, but with enough drawl to make it sound like home. There isn't much out there about Boogie, but it looks like he was a pioneer in the "Nashville Rapper signs to a major and is subsequently ignored by said major" genre. Anybody know this dude? Any one have the album Under Da Influenz? I would totally love to know this guy's story — holler at me in the comments.

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