Lake Fever Presents The Chris Crofton Show, Episode 51 [Updated]



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This one just came down the line, and I haven't gotten to hear most of her myself yet. One thing I can tell you: Crofton & Co. are planning to record a live podcast at The Belcourt on April 20 April 19, and that one will be aired as No. 50. (It's their show. They can do it in whatever order they like.) Special guests, sweet stuff and so much more. We'll give you further details on that later. In the meantime, hear or download "Don't Jerk off at Work" — created by the legendary D-PAUL — below. Just don't listen to it at work. It's the wrong thing to do. And now, it's Episode 51 of what has been decided by the everybody to be the greatest podcast ever made in the United States. Hear it after the jump.

Update: The live show will now be Tuesday, April 19. No further changes this time! April 19! Dig it, fools! It's on like Witch Donkey Kong. You ever played that? It's a little different.

The Chris Crofton Show, Episode 51 [MP3]

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