Miley Sexting KOL; OMG WUT???



Not Real
  • Not Real
Legal adult Miley Cyrus has reportedly been texting (sexting?) and kicking it at after-parties with Kings of Leon bassist Jared Followill, aka The Cute One. I was taken aback for half a second: Followill is a grown-ass man, yet I still think of Cyrus as jailbait. But really? Dude was born in 1986, which means he’s only 24 (younger than me!), and that’s an appropriate age for an 18-year-old. So it’s really not that weird! Mostly, this almost-certainly-made-up story should now be a reminder that we’re all slowly aging, and every moment we draw breath is one moment closer to our inevitable end. Time will begin to show on our faces and hands, our youthful kisses and adventures turn into only memories, and ultimately, we will be dust. It will happen to you, me, Cyrus and Followill. Nothing gold can stay.

But, if true, this rumor is definitive proof that Miley Cyrus has much better taste in publicist-approved men than Taylor Swift, who is her rival in my imagination. Waka flocka props, Miley! Is that what the kids say nowadays?

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