Gwyneth Paltrow Reportedly Inks Record Deal With Atlantic Records



Hey Music City: You’ve got some GOOP on you. According to AOL Music, Gwyneth Paltrow just signed a $900K contract with Atlantic Records, and now plans to release her first full-length record. Unless you’ve had your head in a box for the past year (get it?), you’ve likely noticed Paltrow campaigning pretty country strong to be taken seriously as a singer and a presence in the country-music community: There was the movie, the Mercy Lounge karaoke moment, generally being in love with Nashville before she bounced (get it?), the Grammys, the Oscars, the fake country star profile, and now, apparently, the real country star profile.

While Paltrow has displayed some genuine talent as a performer, might this development register as at least mildly vexing for singers who have been trying to make it in Music City sans pre-existing celebrity? Will GOOP be taken seriously as a singer? Can anyone nicknamed GOOP be taken seriously as a singer? Do you guys care? More to the point, do people who buy CDs at places like FYE and Walmart care? Also from the People Doing Stuff Other Than the Stuff They’ve Been Known to Do Department, our own Adam Gold is currently planning on taking a two-year vow of silence while working as Aerosmith’s archivist, and Steve Haruch will soon take his much-anticipated stand-up comedy routine on the road.

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