Caption Contest: Tennis + La Sera Giveaway!



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Speaking of contests, we haven't had a caption-based ticket giveaway on Cream in a while, so let's right that ship post-haste, shall we? Speaking of ships, the husband-and-wife duo of Tennis sailed on a boat together and that's how they became a band, which is incredibly sweet. Speaking of incredibly sweet, you and a guest can go see Tennis and La Sera (the solo project of Vivian Girls bassist Katy Goodman) for free at The Basement this Thursday, March 10 — that is, if you can do one thing for us: write a funny caption for this photo.

When you post your caption, please include your email address (in the proper field, not in the body of your comment) so we can reach you. Your address will not be published or sold to telemarketers. Contest ends tomorrow at 3 p.m. Go!

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