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OK, "take over" is a bit strong, but all this week Kurt Wagner and Cortney Tidwell, aka KORT when they join their considerable forces, are guest-editing over at the Magnet website.

They kicked things off with an insightful Q&A, in which they discuss their collaboration on Invariable Heartache, touch on the history of Chart Records a bit, muse on the evolution of Nashville music, reveal a new 7-inch (European, alas) featuring a Motör Headgirl School cover, and answer the question, "Who are, in your opinion, the best artists in Nashville these days?" Wagner's response: "All the ones that you’ve never heard of. The ones that gather at Betty’s Grill or at house shows. The ones who put out their own records and play in each other’s bands. The ones who make time to show up to support each other’s gigs and bake cookies for the shows and practices. The ones who do this because they like to and do other things to make a living because it’s how we get by."

Speaking of Betty's, a haunt I suspect will be featured in the Scene very soon, Wagner penned a short love letter to the west Nashville dive (and Colt Ford hangout), saying, "this place fills the niche that’s been lacking around town since way back when Steve Earle stood on Bob Dylan’s coffee table in his cowboy boots." Now I'm imagining Steve Earle singing a Ke$ha song on karaoke night, but that's probably just me. Check out more Kurt and Cortney faves at Magnet all this week.


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