Third Man Records Release Auctioneer Jerry King's Green Series 7-Inch, Jack White Discusses It on All Songs Considered



Today, Bob Boilen of All Songs Considered — NPR Music’s cornerstone program, podcast and blog — posted the first in a series of interviews with Jack White. He’s calling the series “The Flipside,” and in the first installment, Boilen and White wax all wonk-like on musical matters not directly related to music. You see, just last week, White and his boys at Third Man beefed up their Green Series, and — in addition to a release from Amy Walker — they debuted a recording featuring legendary auctioneer Jerry King. The King recording doesn’t feature a version of the classic Leroy Van Dyke tune “The Auctioneer,” but rather actual clips of King auctioneering, plus a discussion betwixt White and King. Now, this certainly isn’t the first example of White & Co. venturing outside the strict confines of musical performance for one of their recordings (Exhibits A and B), but it certainly is the most unlikely. From Boilen’s interview with White:

This Green Series we have at Third Man Records — I wanted to be able to talk with people who have trade jobs and make records with them. I want to do more records with carpenters, electricians, people who specialize in even more bizarre trades that are off the beaten path. And an auctioneer is such a uniquely American thing. I keep thinking in my head, perhaps it's not as American as I think, but it feels so Southern. It feels so American. Like, hundreds of years of American tradition is involved in it.

You can purchase the Jerry King 7-inch via Third Man’s store, and while you’re there, check out the footage from Wanda Jackson’s performance at the TMR homepage. Just be sure to visit — not That is, unless you’re a big fan of blues singer Dana “Third Man” Gillespie.

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