Local Recording Studio Has 'Big-Boy' Things, Reasonable Rates



Got some new music that is totally beast and ready for the world, and you're ready to record, but don't have the bones for that Apogee setup you've been eyeing? Need a pro to help you lay down some hot tracks? Sure, this is Music City, and there are myriad studios to choose from, but based on the above video tour, I think you should at least consider A Ray of Light Studios. House engineer Tehuti tha Sage has all kinds of "big-boy things" there, including a microphone, a mixing board and purple foam padding. (You will need to supply your own magic marker if he dupes CDs for you, though.) He also has nice abs and can superimpose an animated winter scene, with realistic falling snow and snowman, onto your video. I don't know if his claim of "the best rates in town" is accurate, but $20 per hour certainly seems competitive! Your move, Battle Tapes.

(HT goes to Maloney, who sent me this via a link that doesn't work anymore. Sorry, original person who found this.)

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