Heartbeater Rack Up Endorsements for Bonnaroo Bid



With round one of Mercy Lounge and BMI's third annual Road to Bonnaroo battle royale just around the corner — as in, on Monday — the spirit of competition is in the air, if only slightly. So far, ragtag local alt-rock quartet Heartbeater are the only band of Monday's eight hopefuls to throw down the promotional gauntlet and post a campaign spot on YouTube in a bid to rally the troops, dominate the competition and ultimately rock the 'Roo's Troo Music Lounge. (See above.) Funny stuff. Now it falls on Evan P. Donohue, Courtney Jaye, Chancellor Warhol, Majestico, Kink Ador, The Kicks and Tyler Byant to up the ante and issue their own Bonnaroo-or-bust fatwas. So listen up guys: You have the weekend to make things happen. Never underestimate the importance of bringing out your base. Simple shit. We Cream-dreamers will check in on Monday and see what you've got. Don't let us down — we like content. And while you're at it, make it easy on us and send links to cream [at] nashvillescene [dot] com. 'Roo it.

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