Jack White Won't Be in Any More Bands



In Gold's Third Man cover story back in January, Jack White said a lot of things, including that part about not wanting to mess with the Nashville rock scene. But he didn't say that The White Stripes would break up — there's been plenty to talk about in the wake of that — or, as DIY reports he told the British mag Q, that he's done forming new bands or letting himself get enlisted by any new bands.

"I won’t join another band again," he reportedly says. "Three’s enough for one lifetime. If I can’t say it in any of these bands, then I’ll say it by myself."

For a second there, I was going to say something like, "What? Why just pick some arbitrary number and say that's enough bands for a lifetime, when, well, you just never know?" But then I was like, "Oh, yeah. Three."

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