Hammock Still Not Slowing Down, Collaborating With Aussie Legends The Church



On the surface, Hammock is a slightly ironic band name for a duo who stay as busy as Marc Byrd and Andrew Thompson. Since May 2010, the ambient/post-rock veterans have treated us to the hour-plus opus Chasing After Shadows... Living With the Ghosts, the equally gorgeous Longest Year EP, released in December, and most recently, "Like New Year's Day," a single featuring Matthew Ryan's world-weary croon atop a lush, Cure-esque backdrop. Made available while we cured hangovers induced by the litany of quality NYE offerings Nashville put forth at the turn of the year, the Ryan collab should've been enough, one would surmise, to satisfy Hammock's creative appetite for a while.

One would be wrong.

Aside from prior talk of Ryan and Hammock working on more than just the single, last night we learned of yet another Hammock endeavor scheduled for public consumption this spring: two separate 7-inch singles featuring collaborations with Steve Kilbey and Tim Powles of Aussie alterna-icons The Church. From the press release:

"Two songs, 'No Agenda', with Steve Kilbey providing lyrics and vocals, and 'Verse for Forgiveness', featuring the vocals of Tim Powles and lyrics by Byrd/Powles, will be issued in the spring as two separate 7" vinyl albums along with two Hammock instrumental pieces on each of the "B" sides. All four songs will eventually be collected and offered digitally as a four-song EP."

You might recall that Powles mixed Chasing, a process that seems to have had a direct effect on this development:

"While working on the mixes for the 'Chasing...' album, we formed a friendship and a great musical synergy with Tim," says Marc Byrd of Hammock. "He seemed to have an appreciation for, and deep connection to, what we do, and we loved the moves he was making in mixing the songs. It just felt natural to keep creating together. Steve [Kilbey] heard some of the music and liked it, so things kind of took off from there. Andrew and I couldn't possibly be more excited - we've loved The Church for so many years and they've been a big influence."

While the release doesn't name an exact release date, it does go on to state that Hammock are already at work on their next LP and various remix projects. To be sure, news of even more works in-progress is unsurprising at this point, but it's good news nonetheless.

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