The White Stripes Break Up



In earth-shattering news that seems to have at least shattered their website for the time being, beloved duo The White Stripes announced today that they have "officially ended and will make no further recordings or perform live." So that's that — at least until they decide that isn't that, which they may some day. Moby's getting his '80s punk band back together, so never say never, right? ATP 2021? Probably not Bonnaroo 2011, though, as some people on the Internet have been speculating. Remember that time The White Stripes broke Nashville's Internet? Good times.

So what do you think, Nashville? Good to leave the legacy intact? Super bummed forever? Long live The Dead Weather? Team Jack? Team Meg?

[The White Stripes website, which hasn't been loading for the last 20 minutes]

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