Caption Contest: Lissie Ticket Giveaway! [Updated]



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  • Sorry former president Bush, some kids have to be left behind.

Hey, if you happen to love Paste Magazine's "Best New Solo Artists of the Year," Lissie, and you can't afford to shell out 15 bones to see her folkify Mercy Lounge on Thursday night, but you do have a quick and witty sense of humor, you're hella in luck. That's right: Caption Contest, y'all! For this installment, I was at first kinda hellbent on using an image from the first-rate tumblog, Kim Jong-Il Looking at Things — a highly recommended time-suck — but choosing between those images just proved too much of a challenge, like choosing which child to sacrifice, when necessary. So, instead I went on the hunt for images of child-sacrifice. Funny, right?

Anyway, you know how it goes — come up with the most side-splitting bon mot you can conjure to accompany the confounding image above, and a pair of Lissie tix are yours to redeem at Thursday night's show. And while your at, don't forget to include your email address (Hell no, we won't publish the motherfucker!) so we know how to furnish you with your winnings once you blow us away with the lol-inducing prowess of your jocular jesting.

This battle of wits will commence now, only to reach its moment of reckoning on Wednesday at 3 p.m.

UPDATE: We have our winner. Thanks for playing, everyone!

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