Black Oak Arkansas (Acoustic) Tonight at Exit/In



Did you know Southern Rock had rules? Well it does, and Black Oak Arkansas is one of them, or something like that. Here's Sean "L." Maloney from this week's Critics' Picks:

First rule of Southern Rock: Three Guitarists or it doesn’t count. Second rule of Southern Rock: Bow down before Black Oak Arkansas. While they may not have the name recognition or merchandise saturation of, say, Skynyrd, or get the same critical rub-’n’-tug as The Allmans, Black Oak Arkansas were there at the start and set the standard for full-throttle, heavy-as-hell monster boogie. Yes, their legacy has been more or less reduced to “Jim Dandy to the Rescue,” but get past the Clear Channel playlists and you’ll find a catalog chock full of unhinged guitarmonies, wild-bordering-on-dangerous singing and the sorta missing link between ‘60s psychedelia and what would eventually become heavy metal, all with the sort of snarling/smiling menace that only off-the-deep-end Southern boys can get away with. Which makes us all the more excited to check out this rare acoustic performance — it’s bound to be the gnarliest acoustic set this town has seen in ages.

9 p.m. at Exit/In, $12.

And look, here's a video of them wearing baggy pants a few years ago:

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