Rednecks in Pain, 'Cyanide' from Sick Semen (1988)



Hope everyone had a good holiday, if you're into that sort of thing. To start off New Year Week, let's get caught in a mosh. YouTube user acovals has posted most of the 1988 self-release Sick Semen from the, uh, seminal Nashville hardcore band Rednecks in Pain for your listening pleasure. (The tenth track, "Attitudes," seems not to be uploaded at the moment.) I'm guessing most of you don't have a copy of this lying around the house, but if you do, the few copies still floating around have been going for $50 and up, so maybe check around for that. In the meantime, the Internet provides (nine-tenths of it, anyway):

1. John's First Time
2. Stabbed in the Back
3. Won't Be Abused
4. Third Floor
5. Quick to Judge
6. You
7. The Fetus
8. Tearing Down the Walls
9. Cyanide

And if you can't scrape up your cassette copy but will settle for a rip, Blog of Least Resistance can hook you up.

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