Christmas Leftovers: Battle Pod 5, WRVU Talk & Bieber Flatts



* Jeremy Ferguson of Battle Tapes has released his fifth annual celebratory holiday audio blog — Battle Pod 5! It features a Spectored-out version of “Frosty the Snowman” by Tristen and her crew of ne’er-do-wells. And while you’re over at the Battle Tapes media page, don’t forget to check out the recently unearthed Hands Down Eugene record and the Nashville’s Dead live sets we told you about.

* Over at Consequence of Sound, contributor Caitlin Meyer posted an overview — and what we hope isn’t a eulogy — about what’s happened with WRVU in recent months. According to Meyer, “The huge public response resulted in VSC postponing the deliberating until January 12th, the first day of second semester classes.” Though the link seems to have become spotty as of this morning, there was also an interesting article about dying college terrestrial radio at WUSC’s website — the entire site appears to be down at the moment. The article heavily references WRVU, Vanderbilt’s director of student media Chris Carroll, and Carroll’s time at USC.

* Justin Bieber’s going country! Well, it’s not really country. And I wouldn’t necessarily say that he’s going anywhere. But Rascal Flatts are in fact performing a duet with The Biebs on his forthcoming record, and he’s amped enough to tweet about it. Maybe this will all end up in a CSI episode.

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