Country Comeback Parking Lot: You Tell Concerts Does Garth Brooks



You saw this one coming from miles away. With two final shows, last night marked the end of Garth Week here in Nashville. A week in which, according to The Tennessean, 140,000 tickets were sold and a projected sum of up to $5 million was raised for The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee. Thanks, Garth!

Now having just wrapped up his nine-shows-in-six-nights flood benefit, residency and long-awaited return to Nashville at Bridgestone Arena, it is only fitting that Garth Brooks get the You Tell Concerts treatment. Our friend — and indomitable interviewer of Middle Tennessee concertgoers — Chrystal made it out to shows No. 2 and 9. You can read her review of those proceedings on the YTC site. And you also can revisit The Spin's review of night No. 1. Or you can see what the people in low places — from Utah to Scotland — had to say about night one in the YTC clip above. It's chock full of joyous praise, patriotic pride and men openly, and excitedly, admitting to having cried.

Or you can follow this link to see me asking Garth about flying ... and sleeping.

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