Fleming & John's 'Misty Mountain Winterland'



Check out this ’90s gem by Nashvillian rockers-in-matrimony Fleming & John. Replace Led Zeppelin's mountain-hopping with Santa Claus and you've got "Misty Mountain Wonderland." Now Santa Claus and Led Zeppelin have two things in common, the first being an incomprehensible ability to fly (yuk yuk). Bonus points for whoever can determine why the bass guitar sounds like a bullfrog.

Unlike Adam Gold, who saw his first concert when he was 2 years old (was that Iron Maiden's World Piece or Ozzy's Born Again tour?), mine came in middle school when my dad took me to Dancin' in the District to see Fleming & John. This band used to be relatively popular in Nashville, with songs like "I'm Not Afraid" followed later by "Ugly Girl." Ben Folds liked them so much he made them his opener in 1995 calling them "The Carpenters of the 1990s with Led Zeppelin's rhythm section." Not a bad compliment from someone who goofs around on the Internet.

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