William Tyler, Missionary Ridge at Grimey's [Fresh Vids]



In case you haven't been aware of the hype, William Tyler released the soundtrack to your winter last week. Behold the Spirit is Willy T's first record under his own name and is the kind of out-of-this-world incredible guitar playing we've come to expect from the artist formerly known as Paper Hats.

He played solo in the Grimey's vinyl room earlier this week, which he described as being like that dream where you're on an operating table with all of your friends and family staring at you — except in the middle of a record store. Here's a hot video from that show, care of my sudden realization that my camera does video. Excuse the amateurish cinematography and my fascination with his cool Freddy Krueger-like picking hand. You can peep a second video (minus pedal steel) on YouTube.

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