The Black Keys Are Here


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If you read our 2010 Rock ’n’ Roll Poll, you likely noticed the bit where Mike "Grimey" Grimes answers the question "Who's your favorite local band?" thusly: "I guess I would have to say Black Keys, 'cause both Dan and Patrick live in Nashville now!"

You may have already known about all that, but Billboard ran an AP story yesterday on those very Black Keys, why they brought their talents to Music City and the studio Dan Auerbach is building downtown, which looks like a jail (on the outside). "Nashville is best known as the heart of country music," we are told for the eleventy billionth time, "but the Black Keys' arrival gives the city quite the rock resume these days that boosters are cheering over." And Auerbach's been coming to Nashville since he was a kid:

"Every time I'd go I'd see some guitar player that would blow my mind," Auerbach said. "(I'd) go see The Don Kelley Band and that guy consistently has just the most amazing guitar player playing with him. That's always fun. And then the Station Inn to see bluegrass. I mean I was raised on bluegrass music. So that's just always a thrill for me."

Who'd have thunk it back in August, when the band played The Ryman? Are they going to tour with a big inflatable cowboy hat onstage instead of a rubber tire? We'll just have to wait and see. Read the whole thing over at Billboard.


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