2010 Gift Guide: Have Yourself a Merry Little Cream-smas



The other day I picked up a copy of Vince Guaraldi's classic soundtrack to A Charlie Brown Christmas at Grimey's — who, incidentally, are celebrating a birthday today — and I'm pretty happy with that purchase. But I also still have a lot of people to buy presents for, and maybe you do, too. Well, fear not — we have some musically gifty ideas for you that are sure to satisfy.

* Metallica, Live at Grimey's: Duh.

* Gift certificates to local record stores. For instance: The Groove, newly relocated to Calvin Ave. in East Nashville, are giving $5 to Second Harvest Food Bank of Middle Tennessee for every gift certificate of $20 or more. It's like two gifts in one!

* Or how about tickets to some upcoming shows? Lots of good ones already on the books for '11: Jimmy Eat World/David Bazan, Deerhoof, Budos Band, The Walkmen, Godspeed You! Black Emperor and some others I'm forgetting already. And who knows, maybe there's another really awesome one we can't tell you about yet but will tell you about on Monday.

* Buy all 10 of the most critically acclaimed local albums of 2010. Then you at least have us to blame if they hate it!

* Third Man Records vinyl merch set: The individual components will apparently be available a la carte soon, but hey, it's the holidays. You can always break up the set and give one piece to each member of your collective. (Reminder: TMR will be closed Dec. 23-25.)

* Make Your Own Music Box: Pick your favorite JEFF song, make a music box. Like in that Bjork song, only cheaper. Or re-create the magic of that part in R.E.M.'s "Get Up" and get, like, 50 of them to play at once. $15 each.

* Korg Monotron Synth: Hey, a kid can dream.

* I've heard these aren't particularly gentle on records, but they sure look cool! Behold the Soundwagon:

* Want to turn an iPod Classic/Nano4G/Touch2G into a digital recorder? Try some Thumb Tacks. Much cheaper than Pro Tools, Radar or Otari.

* Did you know Kink Ador have a song on Rock Band Network? Part of the proceeds go to Rock Band Relief.

* What to get the music enthusiast who has it all? Well shit, there's a guy in Chicago who will make you some speakers in a log with a knitted cover.

* Or seriously, how about this iPod boombox, OK? It takes 10 D fuckin' batteries, motherfucker. Or, it'll run on AC power. Twelve watts per channel! (Yes, I added this after the original post, but it was too good not to include.)

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