Bandcamp Round-Up: New and Newish Tunes from Cheyenne Medders, Dead Antlers, Natalie Prass, Mikky Ekko & More



Paris, Ontarios Clouds and Constellations
  • Paris, Ontario's Clouds and Constellations
We Cream Teamers are currently in the process of rounding up answers for our annual Rock 'n' Roll Poll (here are last year's answers if you'd care to jog your memory). I never fail to learn a little something new each time we conduct our poll, and this year is no exception. Respondent Michael Eades (of Yewknee and We Own This Town acclaim) pointed out his method for sifting through new local tunes, and I just couldn't help but bite his style. Mr. Eades recommended browsing Bandcamp profiles tagged "Nashville." Good advice. Propers to him.

After the jump, see my quick appraisal of new, newish and new-to-me tunes from artists including Mikky Ekko, Paris Ontario, Dead Antlers, Natalie Prass and more. Many of the tunes are available for download (some for free and some at a small price), but you can stream every last one of them over at Bandcamp.

* The Non-Commissioned Officers’ Cheyenne Medders put up Window Magic Volume 1, a Triple, which he recorded on a Tascam 488 in the month of October. It’s wistful, sparse Southern folk. RIYL: Guy Clark, Townes Van Zandt.

* Just today, Nashville’s Dead Antlers posted a twitchy, four-song EP featuring electronic noise-pop numbers that sound like the VHS soundtrack to a Harmony Korine film. (Korine, by the way, also responded to this year's Rock 'n' Roll Poll.) As far as I can tell, there’s no further info on Dead Antlers anywhere on the Ninnernet. RIYL: Junk Culture, Bob Ross samples.

* Natalie Prass put up a handful of demos a couple months back. Sweet, rich, occasionally playful pop numbers with loads of trad-country and trad-pop influence. “Your Fool” is a stand-out. RIYL: Patsy Cline, Norah Jones, Skeeter Davis, She & Him.

* Austin Yarbrough’s 16-track experimental R&B/pop collection Extraterrestrial is, according to his Bandcamp profile, slated for release in 2018. At its most interesting moments, Yarbrough’s material brings to mind noteworthy pop-electronica acts (Miike Snow, for instance), but it typically lands pretty close to radio-friendly R&B. Usher and the like.

* Dramatic, Jeff Buckley-inspired vocalist and self-described “post-pop” artist Mikky Ekko just posted the brand-new Blues (though its release is posted as December 14) — it’s a four-song collection and likely a counterpart to June’s Reds. Disjointed future-pop with genuinely impressive vocal performances and some intriguing arrangements. “Monster” is the stand-out. RIYL: Radiohead, NIN, Muse.

* Maloney’s spoken on Spoken Nerd's Apocalypse Awareness Day before, but I just got around to peeping it on Bandcamp. I mean, it’s obviously nerdy, but it has its melodic moments and its clever turns. RIYL: a mash-up of Postal Service, Pedro the Lion and Aesop Rock.

* Paris Ontario’s Clouds and Constellations has been up since the summer, but I’m just now familiarizing myself. It’s the sort of commercially viable but beautifully arranged pop-folk with interesting stylistic diversions — note the ragtime turns in "Take It Easy With Love" ... totally syncs perfectly with my current Boardwalk Empire obsession — that can reel you in for a full nine songs. Plus, there's a cameo from Tristen on “Actor in the Movies.” RIYL: De Novo Dahl, Fleet Foxes.

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