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It's the dawn of the Dead! If you were tuned into your Internets last night, you probably heard that our local garage-blogging rockers over at Nashville's Dead have broken the fifth wall and become a record label.

We’ve been working on this stuff for a good bit now and it’s finally time to announce that we’re officially jumping into the realm of record labels. That up there is our first release — and we couldn’t be more stoked about it. It’s a Useless Eaters single for “Space City” b/w “Market Rat” and it should be out right around holiday time [so if you're looking for a good cheap gift to get a buddy, there's your answer] The second single, which should come mid-January, is from one of our favorite local bands — The Paperhead [formerly The Looking Glass] The single features “Yellowbook” b/w “Dear Mr. Vacant”. Those Paperhead boys have some pretty sick bizness of their own going on that they’ll tell you about later. We’ve got a whole lot more in the works for the 2011 year [more singles and LPs than we know what to do with] If you would like to nerd out with us for a bit, click below and we’ll give you the skinny on how we’re gonna run most of this stuff…

Gotta say, those sleeves look pretty sick — propers to Miles Johnson, who also puts the kick in the visual style for a certain other record label in town. We're looking forward to putting the needle down on these slices of ultra-vinyl-ence, so congrats to Nashville's Dead youth on their great leap forward.

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