The Spectacle of Society Is Right: Magic Hammer Farewell Show Tonight at The Building



Earlier this year, a group of devout headbangers ripped Dance Dance Revolution themes a new butthole on the End's humble stage from behind a group of choreographed Japanese dance-style performers, confounding the audience and forcing them to fist-pump without choice. This was the Cream's first mind-shattering encounter with the thunderous dance/metal remix known as Magic Hammer, and Nashville's love-hate relationship with the genre-bending outfit is coming to an epic, albeit depressing, conclusion tonight at The Building (formerly Billups Art) on the East Side, along with creator Eric W. Brown's solo 8-bit project RAINBOWDRAGONEYES before they both disappear into the abyss known as Colorado.

The Spectacle of Society is one part Watkins student art show, one part social exhibition, and one part absurd band showcase, all for the greater good of the Nashville community. The interactive show, featuring art-noise bands, collaborative drawings, live media projects and video installations will commence at 6 p.m. and is free to the public until 9. Immediately following, Magic Hammer, RAINBOWDRAGONEYES and longtime Nashville ska dears Stuck Lucky will be performing for your Most Extreme Ultimate Viewing Pleasure.

Admission is $5 and includes a cup for the kegs courtesy of Yazoo Brewery. If you've never seen the double rainbow that is Magic Hammer, bring your battle axe to The Building tonight and swing your long hair in a metallic spiral fit for Odin.

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