Stunning Cortney Tidwell Interview/Performance Featured in Arsenal's Four-Part Documentary Series



Familiar with the Belgian dance duo Arsenal? Until today, I wasn’t. Well, it appears as though YouTube user PlayoutPlaygrounds — likely associated somehow with Arsenal’s label, Playout Records — has posted a four-part video series featuring artists who contributed in one way or another to their record Lotuk. Part 3, shown above, features a remarkably candid interview with beloved local songstress and KORT member Cortney Tidwell, who contributed vocals on the Arsenal song “Who We Are.” In her segment, Tidwell performs "Hard to Tell," talks openly about her legendary family and even visits Nashville’s Mt. Olivet Cemetery, a locale that holds special meaning for her.

Those who happened to read my cover story on KORT last month may recall a couple of allusions I made to the troubled career of Connie Eaton, the chart-topping Chart Records artist who also happened to be Tidwell’s mother. Here Tidwell opens up about her mother’s career — a career that, Tidwell admits, “took its toll” and eventually contributed to her mother’s “madness.” It’s a terribly intimate and endearing interview, despite Tidwell’s claims that she hates the camera — a tearjerker of a piece, and one that, without question, deserves 10 minutes of your time. If it wasn’t clear before, now it should be pretty apparent why choosing Chart Records material — plus album-closer “Who’s Gonna Love Me Now?," once performed by Eaton — for KORT’s Invariable Heartache was so meaningful.

In other KORT-related news, KORT’s publicist alleges from Europe that Invariable Heartache “went into both Mojo and Uncut’s Americana Albums of the Year polls at No. 7.” Who wants to loan me a copy?

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