Match the Artist to the Venue: Rush, Reggie Watts, Lissie & Grace Potter and the Nocturnals



Potential supergroup?
  • Potential supergroup?
I know it’s late in the afternoon. I know you’re just sinking back into your schedule after Thanksgiving weekend. I know you’re still reeling over those weird, mildly inappropriate jokes your uncle made over T’giving dinner (just me?). But I also know how much you like to play games. So here we go: Four noted artists are appearing at four separate venues between now and April, and rather than just announce them plainly like a square-ass square, I’m going to let you guess who’s appearing where!

The venues in question — and in no particular order, unless you count "alphabetical" — are Bridgestone Arena, The Cannery Ballroom, Mercy Lounge and Third Man Records. Canadian sci-fi prog masterminds Rush will be stepping into the “limelight” here in Nashville quite soon. New York’s comic-rap madman — and bizarro Kyp Malone — Reggie Watts will be explaining “why shit be so crazy” in Music City before you know it. Roots-rockers Grace Potter and the Nocturnals will soon “grace” us with a “nocturnal” appearance. Last but not least, young folkstress Lissie will soon “catch” the “tiger” that is your attendance at a Nashville venue. So who goes where? Follow me after the jump to find out, but no premature peeking! I have a very special gift for you if you place each of the four performers with the correct corresponding performance hall.

* “Internationally renowned vocalist/ beatboxer/ musician/ comedian/ improvisor” Reggie Watts will be appearing at Third Man Records at 8 p.m. this Thursday, Dec. 2. His set will be recorded to analog tape and available to patrons of the event for $20. Tickets go on sale at the shop beginning today. Reggie even made a video for the occasion:

* Lissie comes to Mercy Lounge on Feb. 3. Tickets, according to a release from Lissie's people, will be available on Friday.

* Grace Potter and the Nocturnals return to Nashville's Cannery Ballroom on Thursday, Feb. 24, at 8 pm. Tickets are available here.

* Rush will be appearing at Bridgestone Arena on April 3. That’s literally all of the info we have on that one thus far. I imagine Gold will have a screed ready for you once further ticket info becomes available.

How did you do? Four for four? We're on the honor system here, but if you aced the quiz, here's your reward: a Jake 'n' Tay-Tay-flavored latte. As I'm sure you've heard, Taylor Swift and alleged new boy-toy Jake Gyllenhaal were spotted together at Nashville's Fido over the weekend. So ... y'know. Do with that what you will (read: picture how absurdly puppy-esque their precious children will one day be).

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