Dead Air, Dell Air: Nashville's Swanky Dead Podcast and Kyle Andrews' PC Commercial [Newsy Bits]



* Nashville's Dead: The recently redesigned blog debuted their semi-irregular, maybe-monthly, all-killer, Dougie-fresh "Dead Air" podcast yesterday, with Third Man's Ben Swank and D. Watusi's Dillon Watson at the controls. For their first installment, they lay some pretty heavy soul jams on the Internet, so check that out if your good foot needs getting onto this morning. Here's hoping they eventually get to interview Terri Gross.

* Nashville's Dell: Song placement expert Kyle Andrews is waiting to hear from Guinness (the records people, not the stout people) about whether his "You Always Make Me Smile" video, which drew Lefsetz's ire for ganking Ben Lee (who?), but in the meantime K.A. got his ditty "We Were Colors" (from the recent Kangaroo EP) all up in the new Dell tablet PC commercial, full of finger-swiping young people and touchscreen magic. Czech it out, as they say:

Buy the single if you like what you hear. Or hell, buy a computer — it'll help the economy.

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