50,000,000 Dennis Hopper Fans Can't Be Wrong: Zack Van Arsdale Tonight at Douglas Corner



If you saw The Belcourt's screening a few weeks ago of the little-seen 1971 Dennis Hopper documentary The American Dreamer, you may remember a scene where the beyond-wasted Hopper sits at his dining room table singing along with an acoustic-strumming folkie. The song is "Sympathetic Scarecrow," which Hopper also used in his ill-fated Easy Rider follow-up The Last Movie; the singer is Zack Van Arsdale, who was living with Hopper in Taos, N.M., at the time. He now lives in Nashville and was actually in the audience at The Belcourt.

The list of film appearances on Van Arsdale's site suggests he could be the one degree of separation between Nashville and Gummo, but we couldn't find him on IMDB. Even so, you can ask him about them in person tonight at Douglas Corner, where he'll perform songs off his new 23-track double album, Radio Ready.

Van Arsdale shows up about 8:00 into this clip. Also check out his bio, which shares some familiar figures with this week's Scene cover story.

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