Nashville in Nylon's Latest 'States of Mind' Feature



In the latest issue of Nylon, the pop-culture mag’s “States of Mind” feature includes a six-page spread about Music City. From tunes to threads to eats, Nylon was pretty extensive in their coverage of Nashville, even popping in at one of Nashville’s Dead’s legendary Glenn Danzig’s House shows. “Everybody loves to party,” sayeth ND honcho Ben Todd. “I threw this together in two days and everybody came out and partied so hard.”

Well, you know how non-free print publications are about posting their stuff online — they mostly don’t, basically. Luckily for us, however, local shutterbug Bekah Cope — herself pictured and mentioned in the piece — posted full-page scans of the story on her Flickr account. For that, we owe Ms. Cope a great big “Thank you." So, you know, thank you, Bekah. She saved me a trip to Borders. (Visit her website!)

Bands mentioned in the feature include Nite Nite, Hans Condor, Useless Eaters, PUJOL, Tallest Trees and Natural Child. There are longer pieces on The Ettes, Tristen — who also landed a mention recently as Nylon’s CMJ “Band Crush” — JEFF the Brotherhood, Make-Out With Violence creators The Deagol Brothers, Infinity Cat, Heavy Cream, local retailers Imogene + Willie and Local Honey, Isle of Printing, Ten out of Tenn, Mas Tacos, The Patterson House, Third Man Records’ Ben Swank and Ben Blackwell, local sister crew the Abeggs and more. I’d say that covers most everything. See Bekah’s scans of the story in seven parts: 1; 2; 3; 4; 5; 6; 7. Also, thanks to contributor Lance Conzett for directing me to Bekah's Flickr page.

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