Speaking of The Greenhornes, Cage the Elephant, Heartbeater & Makeup and Vanity Set [New Releases]



Charles Park II by Makeup and Vanity Set
  • Charles Park II by Makeup and Vanity Set
The Greenhornes have a new album, their first in eight years, called ★★★★, which was released digitally over at iTunes yesterday. The physical version — including four different colors of limited-edition vinyl and liner notes by Jim Jarmusch — goes on sale Nov. 9, and you can pre-order (still hate that term) at Third Man.

Speaking of new albums, Cage the Elephant have a record coming out early next year (Thank You, Happy Birthday, due Jan. 11), and word on the street is that they shot some photos for the album at the house currently occupied by members of the band Heartbeater, who were instructed to make the house look like a bunch of dudes in a band live there. Since a bunch of dudes in a band do live there, does the house not, by definition, look like a house where a bunch of dudes in a band live, regardless of how it looks? Anyway.

Speaking of Hearbeater, you can now download their album Slow Waves for free over at the Meltface Records Bandcamp page. While you're there, you can also order the album on vinyl — the vinyl that the band's successful Kickstarter campaign helped get pressed.

Speaking of albums you can download, Makeup and Vanity Set released Charles Park II yesterday, and you can grab the track "They're Coming" over at Nashville Nights.

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