Note to The Man: Don't Sip on Young Buck's 'Creative Juices'



  • Photo: Eric England
Today, Young Buck took to Twitter to say this: "Sorry PEOPLE. There will be no AUCTION of my STUFF tomorrow!! Lol!! TRY AGAIN."

He was referring, of course, to the impending sale of his marijuana leaf picture and other items that were seized in order to pay off back taxes — roughly $300,000 worth. Now, as the Nashville Post reports, Buck (who filed for Chapter 13 bankruptcy back in August, withdrew that filing in September and filed again in October) is hitting back with a lawsuit aimed at keeping his possessions. His argument, in short: He needs his stuff to make his music to make the money to pay back the government. Also, taking away his stuff has made things tense around the Buck household, and that's no good:

15. The Department of Treasury also seized personal property which generally decorated the home and belonged to the children of the Debtor / Plaintiff. The forceful seizure of these objects created great stress in the home of the Debtor's I Plaintiff's family. The seizure has also created stress within the common law marriage of the Debtor / Plaintiff which in turn affects his ability to create and publish music. The general personal property belonging to the family is necessary for the Debtor's peace of mind to maintain calmness in order to stimulate the creative juices of the Debtor.

I don't know about you, but I respect the fact that dude (or dude's lawyer) worked the phrase "creative juices" into a lawsuit. Peep the whole document here, if you wish, and if you were planning to bid on any of this stuff, looks like you'll have to wait.

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