The Thermals Tonight at Exit/In



I wrote a Critic's Pick on tonight's show by The Thermals, and that's because I think you should go to the show and see them play. They're good. Some more words to that effect:

If somehow that proposed outdoor music venue actually ends up getting built on the site of Nashville’s old thermal plant, this is obviously the band we should invite to play opening night. But even if that never happens — and it probably won’t — The Thermals are still a band worth catching in the boxy confines of a local rock dive. With a slightly nasally voice that’s kind of like a cross between a heart-on-the-sleeve Ted Leo and a distortion-pedal-stomping John Darnielle, Hutch Harris leads the Portland trio through philosophically uneasy post-punk and fuzzy, bouncy pop. The band’s latest, the Chris Walla-produced Personal Life, has less of the God-fearing mania that made The Body, the Blood, the Machine such an upending listen, but they’ve always been an engaging and energetic live band — and that’s just the thing for a cold fall night.

9 p.m. at Exit/In, and you know what? Cymbals Eat Guitars — maybe you caught them at The End back in March — are opening the show, along with the estimable Evan P. Donohue. Here's the video for The Thermals' new song "I Don't Believe You," starring one of my favorite guitar players of all time, and not at all a shabby blogger in her day, the one and only Carrie Brownstein.

I knew some guys who built a sound-proof practice box about the size of that shed in the laundry room of their apartment building so they wouldn't have to pay for a rehearsal space. Dedication, man.

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