Taylor Swift Stalks One of Her Fans ... But in a Sweet Way [Updated]



Taylor Swift and Victoria Schupp
  • Taylor Swift and Victoria Schupp
UPDATE: Shortly after posting this entry, I was contacted by the mother of the Taylor fan in question. Turns out the lucky little girl is named Victoria Schupp, and her mom snapped the picture at right on Aug. 1. (I was right about it being GameStop, by the way.) Victoria's mother, Rocio Hendrix, also added the following: "Thank you Taylor, we love you!" There goes Taylor, making dreams come true again. My terrible Photoshopped image — which I removed to make room for the genuine article — is on file if anyone would like to be sent a copy.

In a sneak peek of the forthcoming issue of Parade Magazine, Babygirl Tay-Tay — that’s what I like to call her — reveals that she recently pulled a reverse-stalk on a young fan here in Nashville.

“I was driving near the mall and I saw this girl with my tour T-shirt on. She was probably 11. I made a U-turn and tried to follow her—I really had to do some maneuvering. I found her in a video-game store and just kind of walked up to her and said, ‘Oh, hi. I wanted to meet you.’ She had no idea what to say for about three minutes. Then her mom walked over, burst into tears, and proceeded to tell me that they’d driven all the way from Austin, Texas, just to see where I was discovered.”

So, for starters, she was likely driving by Green Hills, right? Which would probably make the video-game store in question GameStop on Glen Echo, no? I bought my niece some newfangled, animal-related Wii game there last Christmas. But in reading that quote, did anyone else think to themselves, “Oh, she was totally trying to bust that little girl for bootlegged merch”? We all know Ms. Swift doesn’t like it when perps wear false Taylor/Fearless gear — and rightfully so. I’ll bet she was all, “Nice try, punk! That tour shirt isn’t a licensed … oh, wait. It’s legit. All right. Carry on.”

We kid because we love.

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