Conference Call: First Aid Kit, 'I Met Up With the King' and 'Ghost Town'



Back! Caught you looking for the same thing ... and, uh, it's the same thing, more or less. Our Conference Call series continues, after a longer hiatus than we expected, with a visit from Swedish indie-folk duo First Aid Kit. They were in town this week to play a show at The End (The Spin was there) and dropped by the Scene office beforehand to lay some of their harmonies on us. As we were setting up, Klara Söderberg (the one with the guitar) was on the phone with the band's management, who informed them that a certain someone in town wanted them to come record at his/her facility the next day. We're not supposed to say any more than that, but let's just say they were excited about it. That and trying hot chicken. Part two and MP3s after the jump.

Directed and edited by Seth Graves, who also engineered the audio recording.

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