Ben Folds on Fallon



Maybe you were out at a show (there were some good ones last night), but Ben Folds played on Fallon last night to promote his new album Lonely Avenue, an August-November collaboration with British writer Nick Hornby (High Fidelity, etc.), who was also on hand. As was Pee Wee Herman, who rode around on a bike and said the word "baseball" a lot. Folds played the song "Saskia Hamilton," which is about Saskia Hamilton. You may recognize that handsome fellow behind the drum kit saying "Saskia Hamilton" as My So-Called Band's Sam Smith. If you don't know what a "bilabial plosive" is, then you ought to brush up on your articulatory phonetics. Folds plays TPAC with the Nashville Symphony on Nov. 27, which you could attend for $55-$105.

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