Ozzy Osbourne to Play Bridgestone Arena Feb. 16, Slash to Open



  • Photo Illustration: Sven Harucheski

The year 2011 still seems a long way off, especially when sweater weather is taking its sweet time reaching us here in the Sun Belt, but the stars are already aligning for next year's big tours, and yesterday we learned that the Blizzard of Ozz is set to blow into Bridgestone Arena on Wednesday, Feb. 16, bringing the legendary former Black Sabbath singer to Nashville in support of his new album Scream. (You can stream the new record here if you like. The first track alone features cowbell and double bass drum! He also says "I am you," which is oddly topical/timely.) This stop will be part of the tour's second leg, which will feature Slash as an opener. The email we got didn't say anything about the third leg. The night of the show, 2/16/11, will be just four days shy of the 19-years-and-one-month anniversary of the night Ozzy bit the head off a bat he says he thought was made of rubber during a show in Des Moines. So watch your neck, Slash!

Tickets go on sale tomorrow, Oct. 15. Check the official Ozzy Osbourne site for info.

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