Third Man Headphones: Put Them on Your Ears



So you've got your new PUJOL 7-inch, your peach-scented Karen Elson LP and this Triple Decker Record that you've either cracked open or not cracked open, depending on where in the mind-game continuum you are. How are you going to listen to those babies? How about through your new Third Man headphones from Nixon? Looks like you've got little records on your ears (or little CDRs). I like the "Side A" detail on the "label," but in headphones I'd much rather know which is "Side Left" and which is "Side Right." Anyway, nifty. And just in time for the Christian holidays! (Well, maybe? I can't find a release date.)

These Nashville-centric cans are apparently a special edition of Nixon's Master Blaster line of headphones, which should run you about $200. Not sure if there's a mark-up for the Third Manliness — I wouldn't be surprised if there was, but I also wouldn't be surprised if there wasn't. Press release after the juh.

(Via Angels We Ain't, who use the phrase "home to artists such as Jack White, The Dead Weather, Carl Sagan, etc," via Consequence of Sound.)

10.12.10 Nixon and Nashville's Third Man Records have partnered up and created limited edition headphones.

The Nixon x Third Man Records Master Blaster features custom packaging and artwork, in the likeness of Third Man Records' mini 45's, handcrafted leather ear cans and headband with lightweight metal speaker cabinets, ball and socket construction for a limitless range of motion and are limited in production.

"Third Man has an incredible roster of talent ranging from The White Stripes and Dead Weather to Karen Elson, Carl Sagan and Conan O'Brien to name just a few", stated Nixon co-founder Chad DiNenna. "When Third Man approached Nixon to create a custom headphone we were honored to work with them on the project."

The Nixon x Third Man Records Master Blaster is now available at the Third Man Records Nashville store which also serves as the label's one stop production house, rehearsal and photo studio, darkroom, and distribution center. All Third Man records are produced by Jack White then printed and pressed in Nashville.

Third Man Records 623 7th Avenue South Nashville, Tennessee 37203 (615) 891-4393

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